Sports Medicine

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Lifestyle – how we live our lives as a daily routine is more important to our health then any medication we could take. Physical activity is one of the pillars of life style (exercise , diet, sleep, substance use, stress, social connectedness, life purpose, self-efficacy). Physical fitness is the single most powerful predictor of longevity we have. The level of fitness adds or subtracts 5-10 years of life.

What does sports medicine mean to Dr. Kotz?

“Many people think of sports medicine as treating elite / pro athletes. I believe sports medicine is treating all of us who are physically active; hiking, skiing, biking, hunting, gardening, runners, grade school team sport athletes, motocross, snowmobiling, construction workers, ranchers, and elite Olympians. Each of us needs to understand what healthy exercise looks like. How much aerobic activities, what intensity, and what types we should do. How much Strengthening exercise we should do to stay strong and healthy. To me sports medicine is as much preventative medicine as it is treating injuries.”